About Us

Shoplfa.com is the World Number 1 online fashion Accessories Store. Passion for FASHION. We are creating things no one has ever done before, our designers lines are truly unique. “Design without compromise.” “Strive for perfection in everything you do.” “Take the best that exists and make it better.” “When it doesn’t exist, Design it.”  These are the principles and mindset that are exercised everyday at company laboratories and design center.

With one of  a kind quality through its exclusive manufacturing process our fine designers jewelry, Timepieces, Handbags, Sunglasses, Shoes, Accessories, Optical, Sheen, flawless, Skincare are able to  complete  with the likes of CARTIER, LOUIS VITTON, VERSACE, BURBERRY, DOLCE & GABBANA, JIMMY CHOO, COACH, FENDI, HUGO BOSS, KNIGHT BOND, ARMANI EXCHANGE, GUCCI, CHANEL etc.

Luxury Fashion Accessories = Luxury Lifestyle

Posh = Everyone, Everywhere, Every occasion

Feri = “Design Function Exclusivity”

Feri Mosh =”Above All”


Feri slogan is Design- Function-Exclusively and the feri niche is function. Feri sterling Tungsten, Plangsten, satellite, ceramic jewelry premium Tungsten and ceramic  time pieces as well as designers handbags, wallets, purses, bets, shoes, sunglasses, optical and accessories. Bring their own unique elements that are currently absent in the luxury designer market. The status quo-idea  that  beauty and functions  conflict  has no  place in the way we think ,design create.This create for us a unique manufacturing and design challenge. While our competitors release new dines in every season. The  average time for a new Feri to see the light of day is two years from pen to release. Every Feri  goes through the toughest security before it is launched. The result are evident in our industry’s best  product guarantees and industry lowest 1% return ratio from the 4% industry average.

These are many unmistakable characteristics that define our designers brands: handcrafts luxury, distinctive  design, breathtaking glamour and quality that can only be characterized as on exhilarating experience for its keeper. We has earned the reputation of being an innovator. The company that starts where others stops. Setting new standards and raising the bar to a level beyond the reach of others in 4 main disciplines.

Design = The combination of elegant design and  innovative manufacturing processes makes our designers lines unrivaled in the  luxury designers world. The unmistakable sculptural. Beauty of Feri mosh, the marriage of extravagance and function of Feri places this line up of all-stars into league of its own.

Function = In the high fashion world functionality  is often  forgotten, in fact  to most luxury designers function and style are a contradiction. We look at functionality  as a key  component  in all our  creations from pen to release, where glamour  and function must come together to succeed.

Exclusively = In POSH, FERI and FERI MOSH, exclusively is not an abstract concept. It truly means creating thing no one has ever done before. This striking beauty  combined  with the underlying strength  in the 19k  and 21k gold  composition  of FERI MOSH, the glamour, functionality and durability of FERI, these are some of the attributes that make our  designers lines truly unique.

Craftsmanship= Great luxury brands are few and far between. In a world where innovative is all too often hampered by compromise, quality is a rarity available only to the genuinely discerning. We only use  the very  best  resources for every piece we create and this gives us  the confidence to offer unparalleled product guarantees.


The combination of worlds purest jewelry and FERI MOSH cutting- edge designs makes this 21k prestige designers line the world’s most precious and collectable line jewelry. All FERI MOSH rings are custom made and hand built to perfection in design studies and labs. Feri mosh designs are not just intricate craftsmanship , Its is an art perfected over 122 years of jewelry manufacturing heritage.

Approved designs than go through the exclusive 22-step manufacturing process once completed each piece is meticulously inspected by quality control team at laboratory. Every piece  must meet the vigorous standards. The approved finished pieces are than shipped to  international Gemological institute (I.G.I the worlds largest independent gemological laboratory) for detailed independent certification by these professionals gemologists. After through inspection each FERI MOSH piece is the n certified with an exclusively  designed  IGI/FERI MOSH certificate. IGI then ships each piece, where it will then go through vigorous second inspection under a microscope after  inspection each piece will again go through  the through cleaning, polishing and packaging  in its luxury  designers box. Each FERI MOSH piece comes  with an unmatched five year warranty that includes annual cleaning, polishing, and complete inspection by the manufacturer.