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Where to Find Custom Bags This Summer

We fall in love with so many things, but falling in love with handbags is a modern tale justified by the current market findings. With women leading the list, men too have got a peculiar love for bags, yet vivid and unimpeachable. The summer weather can drive us nuts, but for those who certainly plan for it in advance will certainly enjoy it like no other. Therefore, for those who love to hold a stylish handbag this summer and not only for fashion reasons, but also to travel with all their accessories like Sunblock Creams, tablets, keys, facial creams, tampon or sanitary towels, and important documents, ShopLFA is the [...]

Embroidered, Exquisite, & Colored Women Hand bags

Fashion and style sometimes require taking risks and that is why we currently witness ladies and teens rocking various outfits and hand bags that sometimes are described as “crazy wear”. Well, the term crazy wear hardly exists in the fashion worldwide, simply because every color and style has a meaning. What do Contemporary Handbag Designs Have in Common? Looking at the different handbag types in the fashion world, we come across a variety, namely; travel handbags, shoulder bags, casual handbags, clutches, cross-body bags, athletic bags, straw basket handbags, backpacks, beach bags, satchels, tote handbags, hobo bags, muff bags, saddle bag, shopping bags, jewelry bags, and purses. All these women handbags are meticulously [...]

8 Beautiful Gifts for Your Love this Valentine’s Day

Every day is a perfect day to show how much you love her, but celebrating Valentine’s day in style is an amazing thing worth remembering. Since Valentine’s day comes once in a year, you will have to put in extra effort to find a perfect gift for your lady to re-model your love and even spice it up. With that, here are some of the incredible gifts you can consider buying online for your lady. A Brooke Necklace This Brooke necklace is simple, but extremely fashionable and luxurious. Designed with a large-orange stone pendant with a gold-tone chain, it will perfectly match her taste due to its high-quality and [...]
Items & Trends That Will Absolutely Rule Fashion This Year

Items & Trends That Will Absolutely Rule Fashion This Year

Goodbye to 2017, but we have learnt a lot from the cozy fashion trends that have led to new trends for 2018. Is there anything that missed in your wardrobe, just relax! 2018 gives us a whole new fashion and be ready to become a trendsetter and not a follower. In this new year, ShopLFA has collaborated with different fashionistas, actors, and musicians known for their line of beauty make-up, cool outfits, and footwear. For a glamorous 2018, we have a collection of trends in this article to help you stay on top of your fashion throughout the year. Micro Purse- a major controversial trend Ideally, a lady would hold a bag to carry her [...]