Why Women Prefer To Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry

Why Women Prefer To Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry?

Why Women Prefer To Wear Gold Or Silver Jewelry?

Most of the women love to wear the silver or gold jewelry. Their preference is based on the perception how they look better in which jewelry.

Culture: Sometimes, wearing a gold jewelry is part of their culture. This is also part of the woman’s dowry. Other culture also includes the use of a lot of silver. This is what which is readily available in the part of the world.

According to the suitability of the skin: Most of the women wear the gold and silver jewelry according to the looking on their skin. The next reason for wearing the gold or silver jewelry is the status symbol. Most of the rich people wear the gold jewelry while middle-class family, women wear the silver jewelry.

Combination of silver and gold: There are some women who love the combination of both gold and silver.

Style and trend: Some women love to wear the jewelry that is stylish and trendy.

Wear according to their budget and age: There are some women who love to wear that jewelry that fits into their budget. All moms and aunts love to wear the gold jewelry while youngsters love to wear the silver jewelry. The main reason is that silver is always having the new jewelry designs and also has the pocket-friendly budget. This becomes more affordable to wear with your dress and this will also look fashionable. Gold jewelry is the costly one; this will take time in manufacturing.

Online shopping facility: But the online shopping has totally changed the fashion game. Nowadays, women love to wear both gold and silver jewelry. They just look the designs by browsing the designs and it will deliver to your doorsteps.

Source of investment: Gold jewelry is always accumulated from the passage of time as gifts given by the family. There are some families who take the gold jewelry in the form of the small pieces of investment. Gold is actually the primary form of investment in our country. This is actually the bang for the buck. This is more important than the designs.
But nowadays, women also love to wear platinum. This is just like the white gold and it is stylish also. But this doesn’t have the rhodium plating that will wear off. This will not tarnish; harder and also stay shiny for the longer period of time. As this is stronger, this will keep your stones more secure.
Let’s sum up, women love to wear both silver and gold jewelry. Designs and type of the jewelry to wear are dependent upon the occasions on which we have to wear the jewelry.

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